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Book Bundle Blowout Sale: In Celebration of Pride and Black Music Month

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We love getting our bang for our buck, right? Well, if so, you will love this sale! For all of June, in celebration of it being Black Music and Pride month, you can take advantage of my Book Bundle Blowout Sale! Artistic expression is one of many outlets that help us declutter our minds and can assist us greatly in our healing journey, revolution, and liberation. Get signed copies of all 3 of my books, Rioting At Dawn, Poetix, and The Window Pane for only $50! Trust me-- you will love them!

And, hey, if poetry, books, and the like aren't your thang, feel free and sow a seed toward the completion of my upcoming projects via Cash App $RoyceHall .

The window witnesses or experiences every aspect of life imaginable-- weather, celebration, heartache, sunlight. Sometimes offering a reflection. Other times, not so much. Catching all things. Wiped occasionally but usually smeared even when cleaned. Cracked. Even broken. Sometimes never opened at all. I too, have lived as the window. Staring outside. Facing inside. Hoping to be lifted. Maybe even repaired. But, without question, looked into. The Window Pane- A Reflection of Love, Lessons and Liberation is a collection of poetry that chronicles a three-year period of what happens when the proverbial gaze of a window seat view is impaired by the intoxicating sweetness of new romance. This view eventually becomes the searing, bitter gulp of silenced needs, loss of self and a slowly broken heart. A downward spiral resorting in overindulgence as a coping mechanism, forces a poet to submit to darkness and experience life from the perspective of the window: the sill, the sash and the pane. It is within this space that he finds his heart, faults, fears, trauma, accountability, self-love and, eventually, healing. It is within this space of brokenness that he is pieced together, the fullness of his light is made anew, and he embraces his reflection.

"Poetix: ________" is a collection of six-word stories, poems and affirmations devoted to inspiring, enlightening, engaging and opening your mind. Did I mention this book is also interactive? The history of six word stories often pays homage to Ernest Hemingway as being the first author to write what is described as “flash fiction” or the shortest novel ever. Poetix: ______ is “flash poetry”.

"Rioting At Dawn" is a revolutionary, vulnerable account of cultural, historical, sociopolitical, and personal experiences, poetically delivered by artist and visionary Royce Hall. Its intent is to raise eyebrows and fists, and to open minds and hearts. It is also relentless as it unapologetically projects the testimonies of what happens when words are your outlet of release for pain and pleasure. Rioting At Dawn is designed to engage, empower and enchant- out of darkness and into daybreak.